TRAILER PACK with Realistic Textures v.1.7.8 | ETS 2 mods


    Authors: Vaarduar, Pereira

    This mod is available in two versions:
    * Basic which adds only new liveries for trailers
    * Extended which also introduces more changes to game including
    changes of rules in the game of economics.

    1. Provides new liveries for:
    * Krone Coolliner (38 liveries),
    * Krone Profiliner (41 liveries),
    * Schmitz S.PR Universal (18 liveries),
    * fuel tankers (11 liveries),
    * cisterns for food products (7 liveries),
    * cisterns for chemical products (4 liveries)
    * silo-trailers on bulk materials (6 liveries)
    – all of them will be available in Euro Truck Simulator II !. Full
    list of liveries available in this package, can be seen at:,

    2. Adds a changes in trafic, including, in adding new cargos visible
    on the road,

    EXTENDED VERSION also contains:
    3. Changing the rules in the game of economics, like: lowering revenue
    from shipments of various goods, so that they are more realistic,
    4. Reducing the speed to acquire each level of experience.


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